Are you using videos to tell your story?

I have a challenge for you today, tell me how many video you company do have? Do you even have a Youtube channel? video offers the benefit of retention of information, video can also improve a company’s visibility on social media and this for free.

Now it is your time to produce a video, share your company story, grab your smartphone and tell your customers how you solve their problems. Do you realize we  are part of a generation lucky enough to have a high definition video camera and editing suite in your pocket? Anyone who owns a smartphone has the instant ability to shoot HD video, to edit later or to broadcast unedited over WiFi or a mobile network.

“I believe every business has a message to convey, a story to tell; to paint the picture through video for your consumers in a creative manner can be an important marketing tool,” Matt Levine

As long as your smartphone has a working camera, you can shoot video and share it quickly. “There’s an app for that,” is no joke, because there dozens, maybe hundreds of video editing apps available for any smart phone.

Looking for ways to connect with your audience?

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