Fabrice, what do you do for a living?

Simple question, right? Well, you may be surprised to hear that for many people like me this is not an easy question to answer. I wish I could say: I am a doctor, I am Carpenter or something that when you say it doesn’t raise many questions. But each time people needs to find out what I do for a living, I always get embarked on journey explaining many things to get my interlocutors to understand what I really do.


When you see me in Bududa, Mbale (Uganda) taking pictures and notes, travelling from one village to another, or if you see me at the Somalian president palace in Mogadishu, taking videos of an official dinner or audience, the answer of what I do may be different. From a picture of me in front of young people in Kinshasa teaching them how to use social media strategically to a selfie in Mount Meru Hotel after editing a video on Burundi Dialogue in Arusha, the question may be the same but the answer certainly not. Things will get weird if I knock at your door a Tuesday morning to pitch you a web design service, or a whiteboard animated video concept to present your product and boost sales. You may see me the next day covering your event and publishing the story on RegionWeek.com

If you’ve got a chance to see my CV (https://cvonline.me), you will call me a videographer specializing in short videos, in motion graphics and 2d animation, it may be all. But you will see that I have been working with media start-up to lay down content creation strategies, distribution, and SEO strategies. The list goes on and it is enough to get people confused.

Recently my Mum asked me many questions, puzzled, she wanted to learn more about my work, how do I find clients, how much I charge and so on. Trying to explain her the ins and outs of what I do, I remembered a great lesson I learnt back in 2016 when I decided to launch Visafrica (Visibility for Africa), a digital marketing agency. It was a time when I was looking to package all services I was going to offer, I knew I had to introduce everything in a different way.

Since 2009 I have learned a lot and met amazing people that I am proud to have in my team today, working with them, I came to understand that you may know how to do things, but you don’t have necessarily have to do it on your own. You can have a new perspective, creative inputs and much more, all there for you. And thank God, understanding this was a breakthrough for me.

I sat down and said, well now it is time to find a short and concise answer to the question ”what do you do for a living?”

In the past, I was a videographer, a journalist, a video editor, a content marketer, a social media strategist, a web designer, a graphic designer, and much more. I used to define myself by my skills, but after having team members with focused experience in one or the other aspect of my skills, I finally succeeded in introducing myself, my team, and my businesses.

Regardless, all skills I have, and the ones I will have in the future, I now understand that I am, and hopefully will always be a Digital Media Entrepreneur and a Storyteller, that’s all.

Yeah, you will see me as an entrepreneur, prospecting, pitching products and services, marketing and doing all business related stuff for Visafrica, our digital marketing agency. But you will see me creating content like videos, posts, podcasts for projects we are working on, like news websites, and other digital media outlets that allow my team and I to tell better stories.

In short, my team and I are working on developing new ways of telling better stories and help other business to do the same.

To learn more about Visafrica and our services, visit our website(visafrica.org) or download our media kit here (http://visafrica.org/…/2…/09/Visafrica_Company-Profileok.pdf).

We own a news website called RegionWeek, (https://regionweek.com) we publish stories, curate news and share information about opportunities that may help African young professionals to stand out and contribute to the rise of Africa. If you have a story, let us know or if you want to advertise or Donate, Check everything about this project here (https://regionweek.com/about).

To my fellow Media Entrepreneurs and Storytellers, let us have lunch or tea someday, I am interested in meeting those who would like to learn more about what we do and how we do It, but also it will be a great honor to meet those who may be willing to share their experience and knowledge with me.

I am your man, hit me any time on +257 71939153 (Whatsapp)

Image Credit: influencive.com

Fabrice Iranzi Sr.
Digital Media Entrepreneur& Storyteller

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