The Media Business in Burundi-Intro

The Media Industry is in a constant state of change, striving each day to better understand the audience. It also requires a lot of hard work aimed at finding compelling messages that resonates with the very needs of this audience. In Burundi however, the Media Business is still facing many challenges: They include for instance the lack of investments, the limited access to new technologies of communications, the reliability on radio broadcasting as the main source of information etc……just to name a few examples . Nevertheless, I believe that the time for change has arrived! As a media entrepreneur I would like to invite you all to join me as I evaluate our ability (as Media professionals and News consumers) to adapt to the changing media landscape and economy.

This year, I will share how Burundian media should improve “the ability to focus on specific audiences”, with a specific message that attracts their attention. I will mainly focus on tips to create new media products that will help you to conquer (reconquer)/ or to (re)target with more confidence the traditional market. As we shift to a digital era in our broadcasting system, Television viewing is evolving into a more personalized content. How can media and advertisement /entertainment agencies efficiently meet the client’s needs in a more creative way? This is a question that I’ve frequently asked myself and one that is coming up more frequently. I must admit that I don’t have all of the answers; however I do believe that a solution can be found.

We, in the Media and communication industry are the ears and eyes of the people. We are well positioned to promote Business ideas. We create interesting and compelling ideas that persuade consumers to buy. Is it more complex and difficult to produce such ideas today? What prevent us from being more efficient and from working together in serving our clients? Obviously, Burundian Media have to overcome the many challenges / pressures today: technological issues, disruption of business models, political influence etc.Can we invest in a learning and development culture? Can we hire on based on skills, work ethic, , passion and Curiosity? Other problems to resolve include the investment in a learning and development culture for media professionals, creating a pool of skilled and talented workers with ethics, passion and curiosity, those with hunger to discover new ideas.

As we deal with those issues, please welcome and join me as I explore the Business of Media in Burundi.

Fabrice Iranzi

Media Entrepreneur

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